Gastprofessor Tim Corthaut


"The Constitutional Foundations of Substantive EU Law"

A fresh look at EU law through a number of capita selecta. EU law for those who will never practice EU law again (but are bound to be knee-deep in EU law nonetheless), and for all others, probing the constitutional foundations of the EU legal order and its interaction with the national legal orders of the Member States. The course covers the implementation of EU Law, the system of judicial protection, national identity and pluralism, global security threats, the Euro crisis and issues related to the Brexit.

Professor Corthaut teaches European Public Law a the Free University of Brussels (VUB). Before that he taught EU law at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), where he was for many years also the coordinator of the moot court programme, and head coach for the European Law Moot Court teams. He is also an auditor at the Belgian Council of State, where he analyzes draft legislation on its conformity with higher norms of national, international and EU law, specializing in energy, media and health law and all issues of EU constitutional law and EU trade law (including Brexit). He obtained his LL.M at Harvard Law School and his PhD on "EU ordre public" at KU Leuven, supervised by Professor Koen Lenaerts, president of the ECJ, with whom he is currently working on a new textbook on EU constitutional law. Known for his enthusiastic teaching style, he looks forward to sharing his experiences on applying EU law in a national context, at the crossroads between EU and national constitutional law.

(LV 030459)